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My Album of the Year

How can I know a just released album be my album of the year? When you've been waiting for it for four and a half years. Granted any recommendation of this album will come off biased because Thirty Seconds to Mars is hands down my favorite band, largely because no other band has made such a large impact on my life. This website and business venture would not have been put into action if it wasn't for Mars. Their message is that dreams can come true but only if you're willing to put forth the work and not be afraid of failure. 

Every track on the cd is gold, lyrically and musically, but the lyric I can't shake from my mind, the one that grabbed me the moment I heard it is 

"I knew the moment I looked into your eyes I'd have to swallow all your lies "

I would love to do a movie/music video for the song but I don't know what movie to use. I see it being a couple who while somewhat romantically involved, are not committed (I never said that I would be your lover). One of them commits a crime, doesn't tell the other but the other person finds out and now has to help them. If you know of a movie please let me know. For now it will just be a lyric video. 

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