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Game Plan

I potentially have three jobs coming up. All in various stages of commitment. Assuming I get some of those I will have to learn to balance my time between making videos for myself (which I greatly enjoy) and working on videos for others in which time will be a factor. So the game plan is this: work on my personal video during my work breaks and lunch break which comes out to 5-7 hours a week depending on if I get to actually take my breaks and if I bring lunch. The other time after work, and most importantly the weekends, will go towards the work videos. And while I wait for sleep to overtake me, I'll continue to watch other lyric videos to add to my "vocabulary" of different styles and techniques. For now though I get to devote all my time to my next personal video  which I'm very excited about. It's an older song and probably won't get many views but it means a lot to me. 

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