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Song Of The Day - Earth by Sleeping At Last

As a lover of music and lyrics I love sharing my favorite music with others in the form of lyric videos. Unfortunately due to tempo I'm not always able to use my style of lyric videos if the song is too slow so I figured I'd start to share some of the songs here.

This song is by one of my favorite singer/song writers who goes by the moniker Sleeping At Last. He did a whole album titled Space where each song was a planet and the song I'm posting is Earth. It has one of the most lyrically complex choruses I've run across. Lyrics and video are below.


I dig 'til my shovel tells a secret

Swear to the earth that I will keep it

Brush off the dirt

And let my change of heart occur

Sold soon after the appraisal

The hammer struck the auction table

Louder than anything I've ever heard

Fault lines tremble underneath my glass house

But I put it out of my mind

Long enough to call it courage

To live without a lifeline

I bend the definition

Of faith to exonerate my blind eye

'Til the sirens sound, I'm safe

Meanwhile, my family's taking shelter

The sparks send the fire down the wire

A countdown begins

Until the dynamite gives in

The echo, as wide as the equator

Travels through a world of built up anger

Too late to pull itself together now

There was an earthquake

There was an avalanche of change

We were so afraid

We cried ourselves a hurricane

There were floods

And tidal waves over us

We folded our hands and prayed

Like a domino

These wildfires grow and grow

Until a brand new world takes shape

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