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Hello, hello,

There's some new additions to the site. New logos have been added for both the basic and premium logo animations. I had a lot of fun making them and look forward to expanding my collection. Speaking of collections, I, for the first time in many many months, did a new photoshop picture which is for sale in the art store (Cell phone cases, posters and canvases). Best of all, the images I used were Creative Commons without attribution. That means that people essentially donated their photos so that other people could use them for free and they don't want anything in return. That might sound strange but I see it as the artist community helping each other out. Plus, it must be cool to run across your photography being used by other people to make art.

If you have any ideas for future art projects I'd love to hear them. They are generally based off of song lyrics but due to copyright concerns I'm sticking to poetry and quotes but am always looking for inspiration. The quote from today's picture comes from Slaughterhouse Five.

"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

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