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Yesterday and today was spent splitting my time between finishing up a lyric video and continuing work on the website. I made a few cosmetic changes to the website but mostly it's behind the scenes work. I'm an official business on Google, which only mildly warps my mind, I should be part of the search engine and I even have an ad out. I'm getting set up on as well as many other websites and directories. I'm using which is a thorough yet exhausting service that combs through your website maximizing everything to its greatest potential but it takes hours and hours of frustrating work. And meanwhile I watch the very slow, almost non-existent trickle of views for the website come in, and check on my ten lyric videos on youtube in which there are only two that generate any noticeable traffic and even those have relatively low views compared to others of its type. And what do I do? I close the statistic apps, buy a new song and start searching for clip art for the new video. If you keep throwing spaghetti at the wall, it's bound to stick sometime, right?

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